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Saturday, 1 November 2014

”The day at outside of the Nature Park”

Her voice sounds like a soft love song layered with velvety notes
He never heard before in His life,
Her walk sounds like a beautiful never ending bed time story,
He never read before in His life,
Her laugh sounds like colorful dreams of butterfly,
He never saw before in His Life.
At the moment when he met with her, his heart feels ultimate peace,
He never felt before in his life,
Before her he only have a true warrior heart & katana sharp mind,
With her he achieved soul that never change with tide,
Whenever he is with her, every moment of his life has become beautiful
He forgot all his sadness & complaints with her.
This all the magic of her love.

“The day at outside of the fort”

She’s the girl who’s like morning first light,
He’s the boy who loves mornings,
He waits for her the way morning waits for it’s first light when all birds leave her,
She’s the girl who’s like the moon,
He’s the boy who loves nights,
He embraces her the way night embraces the moon, when all stars leave her.
She’s The ending number of numerology,
He’s the beginning number of numerology, together they’re end & beginnings of numerology.
Her crystal clear voice mutes all the voices in his mind,
He knows that if he gets too close to her ,
she’ll destroy him much like a storm,
but he have learned with age that he don’t need much, but one thing he knows, is he’ll always need her.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

” The Day at outside of The museum”

I was like burning wildfire,
then you came like gentle breeze of monsoon
And touch me with your velvet touch
my burning wildfire turns into dance of flames,
I was like misguided ship;
then you came like perfect force of strong wind
And touch me with your little brave Hand
my misguideness turns into way of goal,
I was like darkest night,
then you came like full bright moon
And touch me with your unlimited light
My darkness turns into source of light.
My life hasn’t felt like home before you
Now all my life turns into a stage and I would love to do all shows of my life with you on it,
One day I’ll find the right words and they will be simple;
till then I’ve this to say
“you’re the way of love,
I’m some immaturity,
if you mix me in yourself,
my beloved it will be a great love story”

Saturday, 6 September 2014

the one

Yes, you are the one I want to meet…….
You are a star,
I can only see you from distance,
but I will follow you,
to the darkest corners of the night sky.
I would write you here,
but I know you would not want to stay,
I don’t know who you are
but I want like to know about you.
Yes , you are the one I want to meet…..
with a hope to meet you,
each day I travel on new paths,
 meet me just before I wake,
just before I start thinking,
just before I fall apart.
when I look up,
I don’t see the sky,
when I look down,
I don’t see the earth,
wherever I look you are
the one all I see.
                             Yes, you are the one I want to meet…..

Saturday, 16 August 2014

"Be my Beginning"

I am a destiny of yours,
I am your end,
be my beginning,
Show me your darkness and I will show you that it is light,
We will dance without name and without regard to fire and shadow,
I will show you shadows of this cosmos,
We will travel outside this reality,
Do not be afraid,
I can show you what your dreams look like,
I can show you the beat of your own heart.
Grace me with the same if I have forgotten.
I will show you the love that the ancients have shown me,
I will show you a single flame that contains all,
The Sun shows us who we are.
The Moon shows us all that we can be,
Let’s together build a world without yesterdays,
I will end your world with love,
I will wrestle with your heart,
My playful cruelty will ignite flames of love and evil within you,
Lead me into your abyss,
Introduce me to your demons,
Hate me and take me into your shadows,
I am not afraid,
I will lead you to your source, to your creator,
I will lead you into your own heart so you can remember who you are and have always been,
I am everywhere you are not,
Let me take you on an adventure there and we will dance in the flames,
Let me take you back to a place of innocence and infinite wonder,
Join me at the edge and we will be witness to the end of everything,
Teach me your magic and I will teach you mine,
We will forge new hearts and howl their names across the cosmos,
I love every shade of you.
In every light In the darkness,Reflecting,­­ refracting, Brilliantly glimmering, Significantly shining­,
Give me your hate, evil and darkness,
I will show you their infinite potential for love.
Dance with me in this nightmare of love and flame,
Together we will destroy the stars and rebuild our hearts.
Drink with me of the cool waters of this cosmic stream,
You will remember your name,
You will remember who you are.
We will laugh in love as our hearts burn before our eyes.
I am a destiny of yours,
I am your end,
be my beginning.

" Morning First Light"

You are the first light of every morning……..
And I the hopeless man.
I planted dreams and then you grew..
Your eyes, speak with a sound deeper, than all oceans.
You’re the first light of the morning and I the Hopeless Man.
you are every peaceful word, every breathless sigh and every piece of music that leaves a shiver on my spine.
You’re the morning first light and I the hopeless man..
What you are to me, is nothing less than spring to the autumn leafs.
I have been picturing you as my most addictive thought since a thousand words ago
Without you, I’m just like the unfinished rainbow painted at the cloudy sky.
You’re the morning first Light and I the hopeless man
They say there is gold at the end of a rainbow and I would say that is true, because at the end of my rainbow I found you…
And The truth is that you are the beautiful lie the silence has ever whispered to me.
You are the first light of every morning and I the hopeless man


I write raw,
I write rough,
but I keep writing about you.
Because they look beautiful,
when I read
them thinking of you…
See me from those eyes

I saw all my world
in, once;

Hear me from
those ears again,

whispered all my love in,

And it’s not just

Even these words
turn so beautiful,

when I
describe you,

thoughts always turn

when I
imagine you.

Stains left,
each time I write you,
isn’t of the ink I write,
It’s your memories
which I want to, but
could never write…